Mark Sergienko

+1 (587) 355-2029

Punta Cana, DR. Calgary, CA. Remote
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  • High level IT problem-solver
  • More than 10 years of self-driven remote work experience
  • Continious learner, always staying on the edge of technologies
  • Entrepreneurial and business first approach

Skill Sets

Remote Team Lead

  • Hire, Train, Manage remote team of developers (Russian, Spanish, English languages)
  • Code reviews, ensuring best practices
  • QA and client communication
  • Project Management

Full-Stack Developer

  • 7 years of Full-Stack Javascript development
  • Modern JavaScript: ES6/ES2017
  • Front-end Single Page Apps development with webpack, react, redux, apollo, d3.js
  • Static website generators and CDN hosting
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • iOS / Android app development with React Native and Expo
  • Frameworks:, Bootstrap, MaterialUI
  • Backend development with node.js
  • Python, PHP knowledge
  • RESTful, GraphQL or Websocket API Development and Documentation
  • Prototyping in Sketch

Cloud Architect

  • 2 year working Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience
  • CloudFormation scripting and automation in Amazon Cloud
  • Application Security
  • App Deployment to EC2, Containers, Elastic Beanstalk. Load Balancing
  • Continious Integration with AWS services
  • Serverless architecture (Lambda, API Gateway, AWS IoT, and more)

Storage / Cache / Analytics

  • Data Model design
  • DynamoDB, Postgres / MySQL, MongoDB, S3, Redis, ElasticSearch


Founding Partner / Technical Lead

MethodExists, Calgary, AB, Remote

Responsible for technology architecture, has focused his career architecting complex data management solutions, with a focus on reusability, ease of use, and universal application through careful design of platforms that provide high value for users.

  • Full stack developer, with awareness of many emerging technologies
  • Architectural design of complex data driven solutions
  • Machine learning algorithms

Delivery effectiveness leader: - Continuous Integration / Automated Deployment - Test Driven Development - Automated code quality management - Quality Assurance processes - Iterative/extreme agile delivery

Front-end Web Developer

Critical Mass, Calgary, AB website development and QA (JSP, HTML, CSS)

Full Stack Developer

Impello Inc. / Blackline GPS, Calgary, AB

Development and support of various client sites and backend systems (PHP, Javascript)

GPS Snitch - Vehicle tracking system complete front-end development

Lead Developer

Webstylers Technologies Inc., Calgary, AB

Internal CMS design and development (PHP, MySQL, XML, Javascript, ext.js)

Customer-relationships / technical support


Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Computer Technology
Moscow, Russia


Decentralized Technologies, Smart Contracts, Dapps, Fintech, Marketing, User Experience (UX)